Our mission is to preserve select irreplaceable artworks from poor storage or disposal. Advances in technology enable us to provide a product to those who value the uniqueness and design of some select vintage automobiles; yet demand modern standards of maintenance-free reliability. The utility of this product ensures that it remains deserving of proper storage and care.


what it means for a car to be “candy”?
The most important factor that can make a car qualify as being Candy, is beauty. The car needs to look right, lines flow, balance, motion, and emotion. It will speak to you that this body is one that you want to put on and be inside of. You stare at it, seeing it gives you pleasure. The second factor is special. The car is unique, the only one around. Designed and built in a way from decades ago. This car has a significance in history. The last factor is value. The price for this car is less than imaginable. Putting this on the road will save it from being lost forever.