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Good Questions

Can you sell these? How did you identify a demand for EV classics? Are you trying to create a market? Did you perform a research survey? What industry trends, client feedback, and expert advice do you have?


The Story

I’m buying. They can’t make any more 1970’s cars. These things are undervalued.

I haunt Craigslist. I have forever. I look at free stuff and cars; old cars, cheap cars. It costs about $200 a month to store a car, about $1,000 a year. Therefor, to get a car through time, from 1970 to 2010, cost $40,000. Some 1970s cars are now selling for $2,000, and some come with hundreds of dollars of new parts. The mission of CCEV is to save these from destruction. There is love for these cars, they have stories and beauty and deserve to be saved. CCEV’s product is the answer for a car that’s selling for $2,000 to deserve a garage that costs $1,000 every year.

I know a garage owner. He was selling his personal beautiful classic Mercedes Benz. He said “I was driving down the highway at 45 miles per hour and right then, I decided it was over.” I knew what he meant was, he couldn’t get the car to go any faster. These cars were built to be permanent, lifetime cars; the quality of the interior, the paint, the wood, the artistry, this was a showpiece; irreplaceable at any cost. And he, not just an expert mechanic, but an employer of mechanics, even he could not keep this car running well enough to find it worth keeping.

Karmann Ghia is Candy

As an aside, Mercedes Source is what it takes to own a vintage MB. This is a true expert that has over a thousand videos on how to keep your vintage MB running.

A 1970s car required maintenance. People today don’t do that for their modern travel appliances. Realize that a 1970s engine, even restored to showroom quality, is still only a 1970s engine. You can find rebuilt cars that now, that after a few years, need rebuilds again. Garages are closing, new cars don’t need maintenance.  And these toys, convertibles, two-seaters, not-your-daily-driver; they may sit for ten of twelve months at the Hamptons house or the Island in Maine; used primarily to go get ice cream on Sunday. At their best, gas motors were not built to sit, they need to be used everyday to be reliable. And an unreliable car, is not a very fun toy. Soon to be overlooked. A box gets put on top of it and you know where this leads. Even with a trickle charger connected to it, driven around the neighborhood annually, eventually the old gas gummed up and it wouldn’t start. And hasn’t started since.

I bought an 1980 MGB Limited from a mechanic in fully maintained and perfect running condition. I have loved this car forever. I got to finally drive it. I learned what an original, sixteen-second zero-to-sixty time felt like (aka unusable slow). This is a vintage car, it is not a collectible. It was not a great car when it was new. Some “car guys” who speak of matching VINs, investment paint jobs, would cry sacrilege in pulling out an original engine and loathe any talk of ‘green’ electric vehicles. I’m putting in disc brakes, adaptive cruise control, bluetooth speakers, and keyless entry. This is not restoration, these cars won’t be on the concourse, the cheap paint job will look better than 1970s new but not spectacular, there may be scratches, knobs that aren’t right. But they will be fast, not race car, but fast enough to be fun like they’d intended.

Plug In

I’ve leased cars ever since I’d owned a Saab. My third car to have a blown engine. But on this one I’d purchased a bumper-to-bumper nationally-supported warranty. The same guy who sold me the car and the warranty asked “what are you going to do?” after he’d told me that he wasn’t covering the blown engine. At that moment, I decided to never own a car again. When I talk about auto mechanics, I think of the lack of leverage that I had with negotiating with this guy. He was right, there was nothing I could effectively do. I often speak of the ‘flux-capacitor’ when getting a car repaired. As the mechanic has the expertise, the customer is at the complete mercy of the intent of the garage. So if they tell you that you need a new ‘flux-capacitor’ you can’t really respond because you don’t know if that is an essential engine component or an optional time-travel device. A 36-month leased car has a full manufacturer’s warranty from the day you get it to the day you leave it. I never deal with mechanics.

I’m not a mechanic. I learned that the hard way with a free motorcycle from my friend. I ran it around the block, then parked it in my garage. When I came back to it a week later, it never ran again. I was unable to fix it. I do not have that skill. I admire those who do. I’ve seen all of the RoadKill YouTube series. I would never take responsibility for keeping a petrol car running. Batteries are better than they have ever been. Electrical motors have been a stable technology for decades, reliable and simple. The Toyota Prius, a completely new car from the ground up, is the most reliable passenger car of the decade. Hobbyist are using kits to electro-modify classic cars. These cars run with no maintenance, are able to be charged anywhere, have modern reliability and performance.

1967 Pontiac Firebird – My First Love

CCEV leases classic cars with full warranty. We can do this because of the reliability of the electric engine.  Financialy, a new car will depreciate by half in the first three years. A $35k car’s lease costs $400 per month because half of the value of the car disappears. Unlike new cars, CCEV cars appreciate as an investment.  While the consumer expectation of the value of a $400 per month lease payment is of a $35k car, without the cost of depreciation, the value of  a $400 payment ($5,800 / year income stream) is  $100k.

The lease is a value to the customer as it enables this to be an impulse purchase of reasonable out-of-pocket and predictable cost. This person is not looking to own a classic car. They are given the opportunity to use, even for a limited time, a unique and beautiful car. They don’t care what the original engine was, it was too slow anyway, they like the looks, the color, the fun.

We say “make some room” in that unused garage. Drive a classic car without concern.

Adam Wolff
Candy Cars EV


Some 1967 Firebird Pictures to see what it really looks like…